Position Overview

The Program Manager is responsible for driving the successful implementation of the WSWC service model by building and cultivating strong school partnerships and developing a team of committed, idealistic leaders and school practitioners. The Program Manager plays a crucial role in leading a team of AmeriCorps Members through a ten-month long journey of learning, reflection, and service in schools (civic action) that builds AmeriCorps Members’ civic capacity and identity.


The ideal candidate will have previous community service or educational work experience, specifically working with and supervising young adults (17- 24).  Additional experience should include; working in non-profit, social service or educational settings, and proven ability to work both as a team member and independent leader.  Leadership management experience, proven organizational and program management experience a plus.  BA or BS required.

Job Responsibilities

Major Responsibilities

Service Delivery:

Oversee the execution of City Year’s Whole School, Whole Child Tier 1 supports and Tier 2 interventions.

  • Oversee the implementation of whole school and class service; includes instructional support, thematic events, culture and climate
    • Use City Year culture and values as a foundation to implement the service model
  • Provide structure and common understanding of service model between Headquarters, the site, AmeriCorps members, and service partners by using tools such as the Memo of Understanding, Service Partner Agreement, and team goal setting documentation
  • Create clear, realistic and measurable objectives for accomplishing WSWC goals
    • Prepare AmeriCorps Members to deliver WSWC output and impact goals.
    • Debrief events with the team -- celebrate successes and discuss opportunities for improvement
    • Drive results by effectively leveraging existing processes (e.g. data informed decision making, school assessment) and team member strengths to accomplish objectives.
  • Capture best practices and share with the larger City Year community of practitioners
  • Analyze data from results from teacher and AmeriCorps Member surveys, student, school and district level data and classroom observations to explain trends and identify opportunities to continually improve: interventions, whole school and class service and AmeriCorps Member performance

AmeriCorps Member Program Delivery:

Guide AmeriCorps members to meet their service performance requirement and leadership development potential

  • Inspire the team to embrace a culture of power and idealism using City Year leadership tools, team building exercises, rituals and best practices
  • Use Performance Management tools to set performance expectations, identify strengths and development opportunities and partner with each AmeriCorps Member on a development plan to maximize leadership potential
  • Ensure AmeriCorps members are well equipped to meet corps Practitioner Standard by:
  • Coach AmeriCorps Members on how to apply learning and youth development theory to design and deliver the most effective interventions for students
  • Help AmeriCorps Members learn to assess when and how to use asset based behavior management techniques
  • Conduct classroom and tutoring observations and provide feedback
  • Partner with schools to include AmeriCorps Members in teacher professional development days
  • Provide feedback and insight to ensure AmeriCorps Member Learning and Development opportunities address the most critical needs
  • Help AmeriCorps Members develop civic identity by guiding them through the Idealist Journey
  • Support the management of AmeriCorps member human resources to meet graduation and post-graduation expectations
  • Effectively translate information and messages from various stakeholders (the school, City Year, the Community) to AmeriCorps Members so they understand and are empowered but not overloaded
  • Coach and develop Team Leader(s)

Service Partner Management:

Build and Cultivate relationships with key stakeholders to enhance service performance

  • Become a “trusted advisor” to the principal and other key decision makers by demonstrating an understanding of the school’s priorities and working collaboratively to craft and implement solutions that leverage AmeriCorps Member talent and align with City Year WSWC output, outcome and impact goals.
  • Maintain a strong presence in school and continually cultivate key relationships
  • Use student data strategically to gain support for initiatives or interventions
  • Coach AmeriCorps Members on developing productive partnerships with teachers and other student support staff
  • Help cultivate local school district and strategic community relationships to enhance service performance
  • Access and leverage community resources in support of the program

Key Capabilities


  • Setting direction and effectively aligning resources to execute on priorities
  • Providing inspirational leadership that mobilizes diverse groups toward achieving ambitious goals
  • Coaches and motivates individuals to achieve their maximum potential
  • Building successful partnerships to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Prioritizing projects and tasks, measuring progress and driving results; accepts accountability and takes initiative and knows when to ask for help
  • Analyzing data to identify trends, cause-effect relationships and opportunities for improvement
  • Using creativity and critical thinking to solve challenges and make well-informed, ethical decisions
  • Clearly articulating thoughts and ideas; demonstrating active listening
  • Ability to have frank/difficult conversations with AmeriCorps Members around issues such as poor performance, interpersonal and inter-team conflict, race and diversity
  • Authority/Personal Presence/Confidence/Ability to face obstacles

Relevant Previous Experience:

  • Experience working in a school setting as a teacher or other capacity that provided exposure to and knowledge of students and school operations
  • Experience as an effective  CY Team Leader
  • People Management  -  Coaching young people
  • Project Management


Passion for: 

  • Education
  • Working with urban youth and developing young leaders
  • Living the values of Idealism, Integrity, Perseverance, Inclusiveness, Empathy and Flexibility.
  • National Service and City Year’s Mission


Interdependency with other functions

Reporting Relationships

Serve on the site’s strategic leadership team ensuring its overall success

  • Lead special projects that connect people from different departments and/or teams
  • Support the recruitment of future years corps
  • Attending all village meetings
  • Work with the development team to support service for Corporate Sponsorship events within assigned school.  Help mobilize team for whole site events.
  • Work on service initiatives and support the evaluation process within assigned school
  • Participate in relevant network-wide meetings and calls providing insight and feedback and collective problem solving

Reports to the Impact Director

Directly manages TLs and AmeriCorps Member Team(s)

Key Performance Indicators

Service Delivery:

Ensure service related outcomes are met or exceeded, including shared impact goals established with district and or school; AC performance measures, locally funded goals, and MOU responsibilities (Sites determine specific goals and outcomes)


AmeriCorps Member Experience:

Achieve a retention rate of 90% or better

100% of graduating AmeriCorps members receives a 3.0 or better Civic Competency Performance Average

75% of AmeriCorps members rate City Year as a leadership development experience as 3 or above on 1-5 scale (3=good)

85% of AmeriCorps members rate the leadership of their PM 4 or better on a 1-5 scale. (4=Good) 


Service Partner Management:

95% of principals/liaisons are satisfied with the quality of service provided by the City Year team


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