Name, Hometown, Age

Brea Butler-Gilton, Baton Rouge, LA, 24

Hannah Harrison, Houston TX, 24

Aniyah Foley, New Orleans, LA, 24

What brought you to City Year for service? What kept you at CYBR for a second year of service?

BBG: I came to City Year originally to serve in my home community while I took a gap year between undergrad and grad school. I had served in another AmeriCorps program at my university, and when I heard of the education- focused work of City Year, I was excited to continue my efforts. I stayed with City Year because I grew attached to my school and my students, and I felt like there was more work that I could do to better my community.

HH: I was always interested in seeing what it would be like to work in education. After graduating with a degree in Communications and a focus in Marketing I decided to take a leap instead of entering that field and joined City Year! MY KIDS. I knew in the middle of my first year that it would be impossible for me to spend only one year working with them so I decided to apply for another year to continue my work with them as well as take on a leadership position. 

AF: I wanted to give back to the community that I had grown to love while attending LSU so I was lead to apply to City Year Baton Rouge because of their commitment to the community. I decided to serve a second year because of the amazing relationships I developed with my students, I just couldn’t imagine myself being anywhere else!

What interested you about the Recruitment Summer Associate position? What are some things your team has implemented to help CYBR with their recruitment? 

BBG: I was interested in the Summer Associate position because I wanted to serve my site in a different capacity. I've been a part of furthering City Year's mission and goals as an AmeriCorps member, as well as leading a team to do the same as a Senior AmeriCorps member. But this position gives me the opportunity to work proactively behind the scenes to make sure that AmeriCorps members have a great year through each step of the admissions process. Our team has recruited at Pride Festival, universities, and student apartment complexes in the area. We have a recruitment mixer and housing partnerships in the works as well.

HH: I wanted to be a Summer Associate because I wanted to play a role in ensuring that my students and all of our students around Baton Rouge would continue to have a City Year in their classroom. My team is awesome! We are really collaborating to find the best applicants through social media, University pop-ups, mixers, and more! I'm so glad I get to work with a group full of such fresh ideas. 

AF: I became interested in the Summer Associate position because I remembered where I was in my own life at this time two summers ago when I was informed about City Year as a recent college graduate with a heart to serve but a lack in direction. So I saw this opportunity as life coming around full circle because I am now able to recruit other individuals like myself who may not currently know exactly which avenue they would like to take but they’re sure that they want to give back. Some strategies that my team and I have implemented to help gain new recruits are student housing outreach, college campus blitzing, social mixers and local mall informationals.

What has been your favorite experience with City Year?

BBG: My favorite experience with City Year thus far has been the opportunity to watch students grow academically and personally through the work that I and other AmeriCorps members have put into them.

HH: This was really hard to pin point but I have to say that my favorite experience with City Year was one of my last days of school this past service year. My 8th-grade students had their award ceremony and prom on the same day and it was so fun to be able to present them their awards for all of their hard work in the morning, and then celebrate them at prom in the evening! 

AF: The relationships that I have gained with students, teammates, and staff members throughout my time with City Year makes up and supports all of the amazing experiences I have had while completing my years of service.

What are your plans after this summer?

BBG: I plan to attend Florida A&M University in the fall to get my Master's in Community Psychology. 

HH: Following my time as a Summer Associate I will be starting my journey as a 6th grade English Language Arts teacher at IDEA Bridge here in Baton Rouge. Go Capitals! 

AF: My plan is to continue my work in the field of Youth Development through working with the Big Buddy Program.


For more information on City Year, please visit www.cityyear.org. To learn more about serving in Baton Rouge, check out this blog! Interested in joining City Year, apply today!

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