Photo courtesy of CelerityLouisiana.org.

Written by Jacob Leis, AmeriCorps Member serving on the Boo Grigsby Foundation Team at Celerity Crestworth 

Over the weekend, the four Louisiana Celerity schools (Crestworth, Lanier, Dalton, and Woodmere) came together for Celerity Fest 2017. The Festival had many different attractions including games, food, faceprinting, balloons, and vocal performances by several very talented Celerity students as well as Cupid. The highlights of the event were the chess museum, in which various chess boards and styles of chess were displayed, and a chess tournament, in which students from each school competed for the top prize. 

Chess is a staple in the Celerity curriculum. It is one of two electives, the other being dance. This odd choice of electives serves to teach students creative thinking, strategy, and expression. Chess is a very big deal amongst the students, and the games get incredibly competitive even amongst the youngest grades. 

All the students were grouped with their schools in the Celerity Crestworth cafeteria, with chess boards lining the lunchroom tables. All the students waited eagerly as their names were called one by one designating their very first games in the tournament. During that time students played some incredible matches, one Dalton sixth grader was even able to play five chess games at once, winning all of them.  After a long day of hard work and perseverance, Dalton was awarded the championship prize, taking the prize from Woodmere who had held it for the previous two years. However, the individual champion was an eighth grader from Crestworth. 

All in all it was a wonderful event with many parents, teachers, and students coming out to support the community and their own chess champions. Whether you were looking to listen to some beautiful music, watch a little bit of chess, or relax with the family over some jambalaya and a pulled pork sandwich, Celerity Fest satisfied the need. And as always, we at City Year are always happy to help. 

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