Written by Madeline Churchill, AmeriCorps member serving at Istrouma High School. 

“Good morning students. I want to start off this morning by saying that Istrouma High School will be the greatest high school in the state of Louisiana,” says Principal Reginald Douglas over the intercom at the start of every morning. “Our students will act better, our students will look better, and our students will pass their exams.”

Istrouma High School closed in 2014 and reopened for the first day of school on August 9th after undergoing $24.1 million in renovations. Principal Douglas previously worked at Istrouma High before it closed, but he said that things will be different after the reopening. “We will be academically successful,” he said. He looks forward to seeing students engaged in the classroom, good instruction, and providing a strong learning environment this year. He also understands the challenges Istrouma High School faces in terms of meeting the high expectations for the school despite occasionally lacking the necessary resources, yet he maintains a positive outlook for the year, emphasizing that the staff plans to get creative and do whatever it takes to help the students and the school succeed.

“It’s a clean slate. We’re really looking forward to establishing the Istrouma ‘strong’ culture here in the North Baton Rouge community with this new school and new partnership,” says City Year AmeriCorps member Geinda Smith. My City Year team and the staff here are looking forward to establishing a bright future and a great year here at Istrouma High School.





City Year Baton Rouge will be hosting their Red Jacket Weekend "CYBR Family & Friends Day of Service" at Istrouma High School this year. We are excited to beautify the school even more with murals, benches, and garden beds - to name a few. If you are interested in participating please RSVP to our Donors Relations Manager, Annmarie Valentin at avalentin@cityyear.org or 225.663.4221. We hope to see you there!


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