By Suzie Nahach, City Year Baton Rouge Alumna.

Working with young children is rewarding, but also constantly hilarious. Sometimes accidentally and sometimes on purpose, the kids I work with say the funniest things. Below is a collection of funny tidbits said to me and some of my fellow Corps Members, demonstrating that kids do indeed say the darndest things.

“Ms. Suzie, you sneeze like a dolphin.”

“Ms. Suzie, did you know you are a ghost with crazy eyes?”

Kid: “Ms. Suzie, can I tell you a secret?” Me: “Sure. What is it?” Kid: *whispers in my ear* “How do you say T’s name in French?” Me: “Why do you want to know?” Kid: “He will only give me his French Fries if I ask for them in French!”

“If you don’t listen to Cardi B., you have made bad life choices.”

The following contributions are from AmeriCorps Member Isabella Braga, proudly serving at Baton Rouge College Preparatory Charter School:

  • One of the eighth graders wrote her (Isabella) a Mother’s Day card.
  • Also, one of the middle schoolers calls herself Big Daddy.
  • One of the kids called one of our team carpools “the Power Rangers.”
  • The same kid always told her that she needed to find a man on ebay/blackpeoplemeet.com

From Bridge Academy Corps Member Breanne Peters:

“One kid said to me, ‘If you don’t have a husband or a baby, what do you go home to?’ I said, ‘I have me, myself, and I and that’s all I need.’ Ms. Peterson (Bridge Asst. Principal) was walking right behind when all of this happened and she started laughing!”

Below are some more moments that require more of a story to frame them. Whether spoken, rapped, or written, kids do indeed say the darnedest things.

One of the second grade teachers once had all of her students make cards for me. My favorite card had a vampire on the front and inside the student wrote, “Dear Ms. Soosy, I do not know why we are makeing cards for you. But  you are the best teacher in lunch an everything else.”

This one isn’t a quote, but is rather the simple fact that I once had a ten minute argument with a child over the fact that their name was not Chris Brown, so no, they could not put that as their name on their math test.

A student once wrote a wrote a rap and then rapped it for me. My favorite line was, “I’m a kind girl who likes living in this world.”

During Mother’s Day, one student decided to get extra detailed in his message to his mom. He wrote, “You make me feel safe so that I know I won’t get lost at the grocery store.”

On a field trip to New Orleans, we drove past a casino and a kid said that he wanted to go. After telling him he is too young to gamble, he frowns and exclaims, “Don’t call me young! I’m not young! I’m eight!”

While driving past a cemetery on a field trip, the student points and says, “My mama lives there.” After I said sorry or something of the sort, he says, “No, she’s not dead. She just really really likes visiting.” He then proceeds to tell me about how much she likes visiting cemeteries.

A group of kids and I once planned a fake jewelry store heist. There was a large argument over who got to be the getaway driver and one of the participants decided to plan it out by drawing a comic of the heist. Our getaway car was going to be a Camaro.

Throughout my City Year, the scholars at Bridge Academy have always made my day better, brighter, and funnier. While the year can be hard, I can smile knowing that I laughed every day that I served with City Year. Kids really do say the craziest, funniest, and darnedest things.

Suzie Nahach proudly served at Baton Rouge Bridge Academy. Next year, she will be attending grad school at the University of Missouri.

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