Written by Akirah Brownfield, proud AmeriCorps member serving at Celerity Lanier. 

At Celerity Crestworth, Lanier, and Dalton the students are fortunate enough to have activities like dance and chess that they alternate every other day. Though this is a different kind of elective than what most other schools offer, the students really enjoy it, especially chess. The chess coaches try to do fun challenges and games for the students to keep them engaged. Each student is taught the game of chess, how to be the best chess player possible. To test the students' knowledge of the game, and to show their competitive side, Celerity holds a chess tournament every year. Students look forward to their tournament to try to beat out their friends and be named the champion! The chess tournament lasts for five rounds of good old fashion chess competition. Nine students out of 35 of my brilliant 5th grade class received medals for winning in their division. It was an amazing experience to be a part of and to see them battling each other to be the winner, even though in my eyes they are all winners. I love that this is an opportunity to challenge students and to see their interests outside of schoolwork. 

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