Written by Juliette Rocheleau, proud Team Leader serving on the Capital Area United Way team at Capitol Middle School

The first quarter of the East Baton Rouge Parish school year came to a close last Friday. You know what that means: report cards! This week, the Capital Area United Way team at Capitol Middle School and the rest of the Diplomas Now! team came together for report card counseling with every student on campus. 

During elective blocks, students sat down one on one with a City Year corps member to discuss their academic progress so far. While discussing academic triumphs and opportunities for more growth, the corps members and students worked together to fill out a reflection sheet on ways to improve their grades and maintain their successes. 

This process is done at every interim progress report and marking period report card release in a whole-school effort to get kids talking about their academic patterns. This amounts to meeting with students at least once a month in order to track the trajectory of many students, who meet with the same corps members each month and build a familiar dialogue. At the middle school level, students are beginning to learn the importance of study habits. And at Capitol Middle School, our students are learning the skills that will help them in high school, college, and beyond! 

Corps Member Emily Hinshaw discusses study habits with a student. 

Corps Member Trevor Perry congratulates a straight A student.

Talent Development's Site Transformation Facilitator Jennifer Zeringue looks for the next student's report card to be discussed.

Students have the opportunity to fill out conference sheets, requesting a time to sit down with their teacher and learn how to raise their grades.

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