Written by Bianca Medina, corps member proudly serving on the New Schools for Baton Rouge/Entergy Louisiana team at Broadmoor MIddle School.

Season’s Greetings from the New Schools for Baton Rouge/Entergy Louisiana Team! The corps members serving at Broadmoor Middle School have been busier than elves this semester. But instead of making toys, we have been making huge impact in the lives of students. Keep reading to hear our stories and most memorable anecdotes from service this past semester. We can't wait to continue this service in 2015!

"One of my students has been working hard on staying quiet and paying attention. He completed a full assignment on his own and only missed one question. He even told his grandma how much I'm helping him do better. He's been so proud of himself and I couldn't be prouder either." - Ms. Annmarie Valentin

"A while back I made one of my behavior students a sign to remind her to take care of herself and to do the best she can in school. When I gave it to her she said she was going to put it on her fridge. I noticed that she started to gradually improve her behavior and her academic performance. She ended up getting one of the highest test scores in her class period. She was excited to tell me how much better she felt she did on the exam. She even told me she still has that sign on her fridge." - Ms. Bianca Medina

"One of my focus list students came back to school after Thanksgiving break. She walked up to me and said, 'Thank you. I love you, Ms. Bre.' It made me feel happy and like I'm actually a good influence in someone's life." - Ms. Breiana Cooper

"After my students had finished their standardized test, we talked about how the test had turned out. Each student came up with a few content areas/types of questions that tripped them up. They're actually looking forward to going back and working on these issues in January." - Mr. Dwight Lindquist

"I pulled my student out for a 1:1 yesterday and heard her story about the sacrifice she is making for her brother this Christmas. 'Well, I have something for you,' I said and pulled out a hat I made for her. It was my first one using double stitch crochet and with a pom-pom. The look on her face made my Christmas this year." - Ms. Erin Olds

"I was in my math class right before the school's winter musical started, and I started helping one of my students. When the bell rang, he asked if I could stay and continue the lesson. Of course I said yes, and he even asked me to leave him with a problem. We ended up going to the musical later." - Mr. Jack Stallard

"An English student told me, 'Ms. Mu, I want to have lunch with you.' I said, 'If you have all two’s and three’s on your check-in sheet at the end of the week, then we can.' The end of the week came and we did have lunch. He said, 'I want you to work with me. I want to improve my behavior.'" - Ms. Munira Spiller

"My student gets really frustrated in class because she wants to do well academically, but she struggles a lot. One day she handed me her test with a huge smile on her face. When I saw that she got a B, she said, 'We did it, Ms. Rae!'" - Ms. Rae Cross

"Once a week I pull two behavior focus list students out for lunch. They never knew each other before this, and now I see they've become friends and are hanging out together." - Ms. Shelby Akins

"In class, we asked some of the students if they have a positive role model in their lives, and a couple of them shouted, 'Yes! Ms. Tiana!'" - Ms. Tiana Hill

"In class, we were going over an assignment I reviewed with my students in preparation for a test. One of my students, whom I've worked with before on the same math topic, called me over and asked for help. I knew she should have understood the concept already, but I went over anyway. I saw that she finished the page we were working on with 100% accuracy." - Mr. William Sam

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