More than 27 years ago - in June 1988 - founding staff member and team leader, Frank Campagna, had a powerful idea.  It’s an idea that has shaped City Year culture and influenced the experience of teams and AmeriCorps members ever since.

What if everyone stood in a circle? It would allow everyone to more easily see each other and hear each, perfectly positioned to listen, follow, participate and lead.  

“City Year, let’s circle up!” became the phrase that started the day for Frank’s team and every team that has served since.

The Strong Circle brings corps members and staff together, shoulder to shoulder in a tight circle. No one stands inside the circle and no one is outside the circle. It’s a symbol of unity, inclusiveness, commitment to team and dedication to a cause greater than self.

Over 22,500 City Year alumni have gone on to do amazing things, many moving to different parts of the country and abroad. In this digital age, we still have a powerful way to circle up with one another.

On June 23rd, our alumni will stand shoulder to shoulder to create the largest Strong Circle in City Year history, online.  This year, we have collaborated with Harry’s – the men’s shaving company – a national Cause Marketing Partner and City Year New York Team Sponsor,  to create a social-media fueled campaign called Grow the Circle, which invites alumni to share a story about a fellow alum and consider making a donation on his or her behalf.

We are proud to welcome the 2014-2015 corps into the alumni circle this year. Through their last eleven months, they have built upon the legacy of service and will now grow our circle of proud alumni who continue to lead and strengthen communities.

So, on June 23, share your story of a fellow alum who impacted your service year and consider making a donation in his or her name. Your memories will inspire those who have served in the past, and your donations will support those who will serve in the future.

City Year, get ready to circle up.


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