City Year has built its annual, week-long Summer Academy as an opportunity to strengthen the work we do so that it is “built to last.” Each summer, we bring together a team of idealists - made up of recently graduated Senior AmeriCorps Members and staff members from different sites for two months - to build and execute Summer Academy. This team builds on the foundation of previous Summer Academies, partners with leaders and facilitators from across the network and stands on the shoulders of the giants who have previously served on this team. This year, a team of eleven directors are leading this year’s SAT. We asked each director what they’re most excited about and what Summer Academy means to them.

Charlie Rose
Academy Director (SA), SVP & Dean of City Year

Summer Academy means pure City Year culture, annual centering, reunion, Ubuntu and extreme learning. This opportunity to bring our entire network together as One City Year, a learning organization where the whole is greater than the sum of parts, is why Summer Academy is so important to City Year. I am looking forward to every minute of it!

Shawn Tuttle
VP of Learning & Development (SA & HQ)

Summer Academy is such a unique opportunity. The shared energy and inspiration provide momentum for all of us for the year ahead. For this Summer Academy, I am looking forward to so many things: the spirit and discipline of Unity Rally; the fun and inspiration of the General Assemblies; the innovations the Summer Academy Team has put into practice to improve the Academy experience; the understanding I will gain about the impact of Academy on individuals, sites, and the organization; the outcome of our collective thinking  about Idealism in Education; and the opportunity to get fired up! What's not to look forward to?! #1CY

Kristopher Capello
National Director for Impact Learning & Development (SA & HQ)

Summer Academy is an inspiring and powerful port along our learning journey. It releases collective energy for learning, human connection and excellence. This Academy, I’m looking forward to deepening our understanding of what it means to learn together.

Lisa Chazanovitz
Chief of Staff (SA)

Summer Academy is the place where I really understood what it was like to be a part of City Year. I met some of my best friends by being a part of it, and was able to see how much the organization means to everyone that attends. It's important to come together and see how big we are, and how we are all working towards the same goal. Academy gives you energy for the year, and helps create relationships that would have otherwise been difficult to cultivate. This Academy, I’m excited to see everyone I haven't seen since last year! I’m also excited by the prospect of attending a professional development session -- I've never attended a session during previous Academies because I've been on the organizing side, but I'm excited about these and am going to make every effort to attend!

Bess Chuang
Director of Content Management & Evaluation (SA), Sr Manager of Learning & Development Operations (HQ)

Summer Academy is a time when the network comes together to learn from one another, appreciate the scope and complexity of our work in a larger national and international context and reconnect with the culture.There's nothing more powerful than seeing the network come together. You can meet new colleagues, establish and build upon connections, be inspired by the work that others do, how they do it, and just get a real sense that you belong to something big, significant and utterly positive. I’m looking forward to professional development session and mobile app!

Vanessa Danziger
Director of Communication (SA), Manager of Internal Communications (HQ)
Rhode Island '11, Los Angeles '12

Summer Academy is a time for collaboration and inspiration rooted in joy, ubuntu, teamwork and preparation. This week of network-wide learning and community building is critical to to ensure our organization is aligned on our priorities for the coming year. It can be easy to become silo-ed in your classroom, school or site, but Academy reminds us that there is an entire network of idealists doing this work together. For this Academy, I am most excited to reconnect with (and meet new!) colleagues from across the network and to re-energize our beloved community for a fresh start to this coming year of service.

Sean Edwin
Director of Staff Learning & Development (SA & HQ)
Chicago '06, '07

Summer Academy is an opportunity to connect as a community of learners, and launch a united, powerful year of service. Joining together at Summer Academy allows us to reflect on our organization's history, prepare for the year ahead, and celebrate our community. This year, I’m looking forward to connecting with those I have served with over the past ten years.

Abby Hildebrand
Director of Operations (SA), Manager of Learning & Development (HQ)
San Antonio '11 '12

Academy is a time when we can all be in the same place to get new perspectives, reconnect to the mission of City Year, and most importantly, have fun! To me, Summer Academy means getting to see old friends, make new ones, and execute on an event that we've worked hard to put together. This year, I’m most excited for Unity Rally!

Dan McAllister
Director of Health & Safety, OpEx Content Leads, Staff Veteran Awards (SA)
VP of Employee Relations (HQ)

Although it can sound a bit corny, Summer Academy is very important because it allows the entire organization have an opportunity to start each new year off on the same, well-trained and inspired, first step. For me, Summer Academy means I get to actually see the people with whom I remotely communicate and work with throughout each year. This year, I’m most excited to spend time with my daughter, who serves on the staff of City Year Tulsa.

Tony Panciera
Staffing Director (SA), Sr Manager of Talent Development (HQ)
New Hampshire '09, '10

Summer Academy is important to the organization because it provides an opportunity to center us for the coming year, to train our staff and senior corps for the challenges ahead, and to take time to connect with our fellow service warriors. To me, Summer Academy means learning and laughter. This year, I am looking forward to seeing my partners within Human Potential from sites across the network, meeting new staff and senior corps, and hearing more about City Year's organizational direction.

Chad Richardson
Director of Culture & Community (SA), Sr Manager of Special Projects in Office of the Dean (HQ)
Baton Rouge '10

Academy is a time for us to bond and unite in our work so that we can go back to our home sites and spread our love with the communities we serve in. That love is expressed in many ways - interventions, coaching, civic engagement, and in role modeling big citizenship. To me, Summer Academy means that I get to put to use the skills and knowledge that I have been building all year into one event for 1300 people that I consider family -- it is like I am hosting a backyard barbecue for idealists. This year, I’m most excited to look across the floor of Matthews Arena during General Assemblies and see people spark connections that will change their lives.



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