Dedicating 11 months of full-time service to change lives is an admirable decision. This year nearly 3,000 young people will spend a year of their lives working in more than 250 schools in urban communities across the country. 

All day, every day, City Year AmeriCorps members will tutor students in math and English and provide extra support for teachers in classrooms. They’ll help kids who are struggling to stay engaged in learning and connected to each other, their school, and their community.

To honor their commitment and begin the year, City Year Boston asked our Regional Vice President, Stephen Spaloss, to tape a welcome message. Stephen served with City Year Boston from 1990 to 1991, and twenty-four years since then, he’s as dedicated as ever, now as a senior leader with the organization. In his role, Steven helps to oversee City Year’s work in Columbia, SC, Little Rock, AR, New Orleans, Baton Rouge and San Antonio. 


In his message, Stephen talks about one of City Year’s corps values: Service to a cause greater than self. 

“The work that we have to do here every single day is about giving to something greater than self. We have to remember that this isn’t about us. We’re not here to save communities. We’re here as privileged participants, to get a chance to work with children, help them see their full potential and help them reach it.”

Our goal is to ensure that these values animate our culture of idealism, inspire our actions, and inform our decisions on a daily basis. As summer wanes, and the school year starts anew, Stephen’s words are an inspiring reminder of what our work is all about.

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