Today, 30,000 City Year alumni have graduated from City Year and have played a crucial role in the organization's legacy across the country. We have a powerful way to circle up with one another tomorrow on Strong Circle Day.

The Strong Circle brings AmeriCorps members, staff and alumni together, shoulder to shoulder in a tight circle. No one stands inside the circle and no one is outside the circle. It’s a symbol of unity, inclusiveness, commitment to team and dedication to a cause greater than self.

Tomorrow, June 24, 2018, is our 5th annual Strong Circle Day, a day of alumni giving. This year we are asking for your support to continue that legacy by making a gift to your site.

Your support will continue your legacy of service and help place more AmeriCorps members in more schools to serve more students. Whether you have already made a gift this year, or have been meaning to give, your participation is appreciated to make this month's initiative a success. And please encourage your fellow alumni to join you as donors—every gift matters. 

As alumni, we continue to be a part of City Year's strong circle.

“The people whom I’ve met through my service at City Year are some of my closest friends. These are human beings whose wisdom I’ve sought for every critical decision I’ve had to make, whose joy has reinvigorated my soul when I’ve been low, and whose continued and ceaseless love of all of our fellow human beings reassures me that our work to build a stronger community, nation and world for all will be successful.” – Paul Riley (New Hampshire '10, '11), Regional Recruitment Manager, Northeast

"At City Year, we often talk about the impact we'll have on our students. For me, it's the impact of my students, team and fellow alumni that have left a true mark on my heart. This community keeps me grounded and growing, smiling and laughing, leading and fighting. When I think about the people that have crossed my path because of this organization, I feel loved and inspired. This community makes me a better person, friend, sister, advocate and leader." – Kristen Hill (New Hampshire '16), Regional Recruitment Manager, Northeast

City Year alumni, it's time to circle up.


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