Exciting things are happening at City Year Headquarters.  Just in time to celebrate our 25thAnniversary year, we have refreshed our lobby in Boston and we are announcing the relaunch of a bigger and better City Year Store!

We have been working for some time to introduce the new and improved store, which is chock full of City Year goodies that all of our alumni and supporters could proudly wear or wrap up to be gifted to those close to them.

We searched the globe (or just the interwebs) to find the perfect partner for this site, and we have found Social Imprints (be sure to check out their social mission).  We’ve selected only the finest garments and items to adorn our logo including American Apparel attire, bistro mugs, and debossed pleather journals.  Almost all the items are new (and 33% more idealistic!) including an alumni t-shirt, a women’s raglan jersey tee, and (a City Year personal favorite) a mock-red jacket youth tee.

We’ve kept the prices down so that everyone can enjoy these great items and all of their friends and their friends’ friends can too.

So if you are looking for that perfect holiday gift for that inspiring person in your life, or you just need an extra dose of idealism while sipping coffee in a City Year mug, place your orders now to bring the City Year love into your life and others. Orders will arrive within 2 weeks, so order early and order often!

The new lobby design brings together 25 years of memories and demonstrates City Year’s work in high need schools and our commitment to improving the lives of our students.  


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