By Rebecca Pelletier, corps member serving on the Sun Life Financial team 


“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” –Sir Isaac Newton


At City Year, we frequently speak about “standing on the shoulders of giants.” The phrase is taken from one of the many founding stories that embody and exemplify City Year's mission. Founding stories motivate us when service gets hard, and they often remind us why we serve in the first place. 


The Shoulders of Giants story demonstrates the importance and power of the 25th Anniversary corps, as it explains how City Year uses the legacy of its former corps members and staff to enhance and strengthen their mission today. I am a proud corps member serving in the 25th Anniversary corps, and I am here through the service of the alumni who have come before me.  


Being a part of the 25th Anniversary corps means that I have a wealth of support lifting me up during my service. Service in City Year can be overwhelming at times. The hours grow long, and sometimes you wonder if you’re truly making a difference. I am able to turn to both staff and alumni during difficult times and have found this resource essential in my every day work. These "giants" have a wealth of knowledge from which I can draw upon, to improve my service and create a bigger impact. 


Not only do the giants who have served before me support me directly every day, but the hard work they have done for the past 25 years has built the bridge to my own success as a corps member. They have made connections within our schools that extend the reach and reputation of the work of corps members like me across the nation. Year after year, City Year works to build relationships alongside our partners and communities. When I walk down the street and hear someone shouting, “Hey, City Year,” I know that they trust me to help improve our community, just like we’ve been doing for 25 years. 

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