On Friday, March 2, City Year Boston attended Comcast NBCUniversal's Career Day, a day of professional development, workshops on social media and personal branding, mock interviews, resume advice, and more. The day began with a speech from Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley. She shared her inspirational journey through politics and life, and her strong belief in the strength in diversity, the power of good policy, and the importance of advocacy. She also shared words of support for AmeriCorps members' service:

You are developing you, you are developing others so they can build up this greater society and world. That doesn't happen organically or by accident, it happens intentionally. And I thank you for that intentionality.  
-City Councilor Ayanna Pressley

Comcast NBCUniversal has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to City Year and to City Year AmeriCorps members' growth and development over more than a decade. They host career days for over 1,000 City Year AmeriCorps members nationwide every year. Comcast NBCUniversal is the City Year Leadership Development and Training Partner, City Year’s National Opening Day sponsor, Presenting Sponsor of the City Year Investors Summit, Presenting Sponsor of City Year’s annual training academy, and a multi-site team sponsor. 

At City Year Boston, Comcast NBCUniversal sponsors the team at the Jeremiah E. Burke High School in Dorchester, MA, where the partnership between the Burke and City Year spans almost a decade.  

Here are some first year Burke corps members' top takeaways and thoughts on the day. 

Aerin Marshall:  

Top tip: Your social media is meant to tell your story and convey who you are. Hiring managers are looking to find what you are about and your personal and professional story. 

“Comcast Career Day was a valuable experience that contributed to my thought process about my path after service. The mock interview sessions gave me a chance to hear feedback from an objective source. The social media and personal branding session made me think critically and strategically about my digital footprint.” 

Amanda Gibson:  

Top tip: If you don't want to combine them, consider keeping two social media accounts - one for personal use and one for professional use. 

“Listening to Ayanna Pressley's powerful speech made me realize that I really need to just go for it regardless of external obstacles." 

Michael Hogan:  

Top tip: Give specific information about what you did in each role on your resume - include numbers and be deliberate about responsibilities & accomplishments. 

“Comcast Career Day gave me a different perspective on my professional development. The folks from Comcast were supportive and made an effort to share their knowledge and insights as I prepare for my life following City Year." 

Senior AmeriCorps member Izzy da Rosa:

Top tip: Make your resume concise and easy to read; no more than three bullet points per role.

“As a Senior AmeriCorps member whose service year is coming to a close, it was really beneficial to get feedback on my resume and interviewing skills as I begin my post-service job search.”

Thank you Comcast NBCUniversal for preparing our AmeriCorps members to be leaders of tomorrow!   

​In addition to Comcast Career Day, City Year Boston AmeriCorps members receive extensive training, professional development, and career support. Learn more and apply!

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