As City Year’s “National Strategy and Innovation Sponsor”, Deloitte helps City Year to innovate and maximize its impact in schools across the country. Through local “Program Innovation Sponsorships,” Deloitte is investing in City Year’s most innovative programming and helping to maximize our impact in schools. 

City Year Boston Site Sponsors
City Year Boston Dual Team Sponsors 2017-2018
City Year Boston Team Sponsors 2017-2018
City Year Boston Program Sponsors 2017-2018

Boston Public Schools

Boston Public Schools (BPS) and City Year Boston have entered a strategic partnership to align City Year’s capacity with the school district’s student achievement and school transformation goals. BPS is committed to supporting City Year AmeriCorps members to serve 25% of off-track students in the city. This year, 289 City Year AmeriCorps members will support over 10,000 students in 23 Boston schools. 

  • Blackstone Innovation School
  • Charlestown High School
  • Chittick Elementary School
  • Condon K-7 School 
  • Curley K-8 School
  • Frederick Middle School
  • Grew Elementary School
  • Guild Elementary School
  • Hennigan K-7 Elementary
  • Higginson/Lewis K-8 School
  • Irving Middle School 
  • Jeremiah E. Burke High School
  • John F. Kennedy Elementary School
  • McCormack Middle School
  • McKay K-8 School
  • Mildred Avenue K-8 School
  • Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School 
  • The English High School
  • Timilty Middle School
  • Tobin K-8 School
  • Trotter Innovation School
  • Winthrop Elementary School
  • Young Achievers Science and Math Pilot K-8 School

For more information on becoming a service partner, please contact Heather Jenkins, Managing Director of Service Impact and Evaluation, at