During the 2013-2014 academic year, 206 City Year Chicago AmeriCorps members served in 20 Chicago Public Schools, focusing on nearly 2,000 students to improve their attendance, behavior and course performance in math and English. 

City Year Chicago's impact data shows that our AmeriCorps members helped meet our annual goals.


City Year Chicago’s End of Year Attendance Goal was to move 35% of students from off-track (below 90% attendance) to on-track (90% or higher).

By the end of FY14, 24% of students have moved from off-track to on-track in attendance. While falling short of this goal, 30% of our students improved their average daily attendance by 2%. On average, students who showed improvement of 2% or more regained 10 days of in class time over the course of the year.

A Story of Success with an Attendance Student:

To help students increase attendance, corps members at Collins Academy High School issued punch cards as incentives for students to stay on track with Attendance. One student named “Jamie” set attendance goals with her corps member and was able to meet those goals, resulting in having perfect attendance by third quarter.


City Year Chicago’s End of Year Behavior Goal was to have 50% of students improve in their social-emotional skills by the end of the year.

By the end of FY14, 62% of students have improved in social-emotional skills, exceeding the goal.

A Story of Success with a Behavior Student:

“Alan” initially struggled with having good relationships with other students in his class. Alan’s corps member worked with him to find natural points of connection with his classmates as well as find opportunities to take a leadership role during class. During a team trivia exercise, his corps member observed Alan leading his team to finding the right answers by leading them through class notes and providing proper encouragement to his classmates. After the exercise, Alan was proud of what he accomplished and shared that with his corps member, saying “It felt good...really good!”


City Year Chicago’s End of Year Course Performance Goal was to have 50% of students who began the year with off-track grades of D’s or F’s improve by earning C’s or higher. Also, a goal of 50% of students showing improvement in their academic assessment scores over the course of the year was set.

By the end of FY14, 49% of students who started with D and F grades improved to C or higher, slightly missing the 50% goal. However, 77% of students improved their academic assessment scores, which greatly exceeded the goal.

A Story of Success with a Course Performance Student:

“Samantha,” a freshman at Al Raby High School struggled with math, earning herself a D during the first quarter. At first she would simply give up out of frustration or rely to heavily on her corps member for help.  Now Samantha works her way through the problem on her own and only asks for her corps member to check her work. By third quarter, Samantha brought her grade up to a B, and the City Year team celebrated by awarding her a certificate at their VIP Lounge, a special party thrown for students who have demonstrated improvement.

Visit City Year Chicago's Impact Page to learn more about our ongoing performance in the schools we serve.

Names were changed to protect the identity of the students that City Year Chicago serves.

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