Last week, during Chicago’s Spring Break, City Year school-teams ran a week-long program designed to engage our students, both mentally and physically, who otherwise may not have had alternate activities to take part in.

Our high school students were encouraged to participate in group discussions and activities that channeled their thinking to life beyond high school and towards their college education.

The grade school and middle school students spent their mornings being involved in various enrichment activities, such as breaking down the lines in poetry and music and then creating their own song or poem. Students also participated in a scenario in which they “received” a million dollars, and were challenged to stretch their money and make it work for them.


Our members decided on The Chicago Olympics as the theme of their week-long physical activities, and students competed against one another in both individual and team events.

Our Spring Break Camp was a huge success, and it was all made possible by our members! This week-long event challenged corps members to work in new roles and on new teams in order to prepare for the waves of excited students, and they had fun doing it!


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