Cadillac, Michigan
Kalamazoo College
FY'14-'15 Team:
Howe School of Excellence (in the Austin Community)
FY'15-'16 Team:
Civic Engagement 
Why Did You Decide To Serve With City Year?
"I served because I believe that everyone should be provided an equal education. With so many different ways to learn, I want to help foster a love for learning."
Why Apply For A Second Year?
"I made the decision to serve another year because my experience as a corps member provided me with the opportunity to change lives. Working with my students inspired me to give back more than one year. I have learned that service in City Year is not only defined by mentoring and tutoring, but also through showing students we care about their community through physical service projects. I cannot wait to impact the lives of individuals through service next year on the Civic Engagement team."
Molly spending some quality time teambuilding 

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