From left to right: Michael Kramer, Senior Tax Consultant at Deloitte; Chris DeVito, Deloitte Consultant; Caroline Bass, Deloitte Consultant; Melekte Melaku, AmeriCorps member at Glenville High School; Sze Chan, AmeriCorps member at Glenville High School; Chelsea Cross, AmeriCorps member at Glenville High School; Jevon Montague, AmeriCorps member at East Technical High School; Terika Hyneman, AmeriCorps member at East Technical High School; Ben Mannino, Manager at Deloitte; Deloitte Consultant; Jaysa Withey, AmeriCorps member at John Adams High School; Carolyn Hockey, AmeriCorps member at Mound STEM school; Taylor Combs, AmeriCorps member at Harvey Rice Wraparound school. 

My name is Terika Hyneman and I proudly serve on the Bank of America East Technical High School Team. As I enter my sixth month of service with City Year Cleveland, all I can say is my experience thus far has been nothing but wonderful! And one of the most joyful experiences I have had are the workshops that Deloitte hosts for AmeriCorps members.

As City Year’s National Strategy and Innovation Sponsor, Deloitte helps City Year innovate and maximize its impact in schools across the country. Deloitte has invested its financial resources, as well as the talent and the time of its professionals to strengthen City Year’s capacity and impact nationwide. In addition, Deloitte professionals support City Year AmeriCorps members and staff through mentorship programs, professional development trainings, and career development workshops across 18 sites.

City Year Cleveland is one of the sites that Deloitte partners with to help prepare AmeriCorps members for their life after City Year. Since the beginning of my service year, Deloitte has already held three workshops available to all AmeriCorps members.

The first workshop Deloitte held at the beginning of the year was on personal finances. It was such a popular workshop that they held a second session this past Friday on December 9, 2016. I was able to attend this workshop and learned about financing student loans from repayment plans to public service forgiveness programs, different types of investments (financial advisor, stocks, bonds and mutual funds), and budgeting. Past workshops have dealt with job and graduate school preparation, how to write and revise your resume, how to create a good cover letter and performing mock interviews to provide AmeriCorps members constructive feedback and tips.

I really appreciate the partnership that City Year has with Deloitte. Every workshop I have attended has provided me with a plethora of resources and tips that I never knew existed. They have helped me to grow professionally, as an individual, and as a young adult preparing for the real world. I personally feel that Deloitte is the premier organization in providing financial and professional assistance for those who want it.

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