By Jennie Button, AmeriCorps Member at Livingston Elementary

When I joined City Year, I truthfully had no idea what I was getting myself into. I figured I would go into the school, bond with some students, be challenged and come out simply a better person.  

City Year has flipped my world upside down. I have fallen in love with a neighborhood in my own city that I didn't know existed. I have had my opinions, beliefs, and preconceived notions challenged in every way possible. My heart has been broken for children that live in poverty, and I even have the privilege of being their mentor and watching them grow. I serve with a team of amazing humans who encourage me to grow, and share insights and perspectives I have never heard before.  

Join City Year because it will be hard, and you will grow and be stretched in more ways than you can imagine.   

Join City Year because you will undoubtedly make a difference in the life of a child who desperately needs someone exactly like you.  

Join City Year because you will fall in love with students, and you may be the only hug they get that day. 

Join City Year to fight for justice and educational equity, because it is more important now than ever to educate our next generation of Americans. 

Join City Year because you will get to know people entirely different than yourself, and fall in love with the beautiful diversity of the human race.  

City Year has changed me. It has made me better. I am more tender-hearted, patient, sarcastic, and driven to success because of my year of service. Join City Year, because you won't ever regret it.  

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