The Math Family Night was a huge success! On November 13th, the Jean Ribault Middle School math department hosted families, friends and students for a night filled with math games, instructional stations, food and entertainment. The turnout for the event was remarkable and the excitement in the cafeteria was palpable. After the Team Up (afterschool program) step and dance teams loosened up the crowd, parents and students mingled from station to station engaging in a host of activities. Our City Year team hosted an interactive station that included a multiplication speed challenge, a math vocabulary game and math related puzzles. Both students and parents alike enjoyed showing off what they knew and learning a little bit as well! In addition to our station, the math bingo and integer football stations were a big hit.

The event also included some very practical stations like University of North Florida’s financing college station and the Jean Ribault Middle School teacher’s student access to online homework station. Once parents and students got sticker documentation that they had engaged in 80% of the stations, they redeemed those stickers for a delicious dinner. From one parent at the event, “I learned a lot, and saw what my children were doing in class and I had a lot of FUN! This was great.” From the director of Duval County Public School middle school mathematics, “Ribault Middle represented the school and DCPS very well. Thank you for the invitation. I cannot wait to attend the next one. Extraordinary job Ribault!!!”

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