Today's blog is written by Sydney Cloud, an AmeriCorps Member serving on the Wells Fargo team at The Edward H. White Military Academy of Leadership. Sydney shares a powerful message for her students as they finish the school year and as she and her team prepare to graduate. 

The City Year team at Ed. White Military Academy of Leadership


As we come to the end of our year of service, we have grown to know our students and care about them deeply. To hear and share stories with them each day has been nothing short of a blessing and I will miss each moment we have shared. Being able to serve in a high school has been a privilege because I have been able to communicate with my students at a higher level. This time in our students' lives is one of the most important in their development and I am honored to have been able to help guide them through these critical steps towards their future. 

While each of my students is unique and their stories are all different, there is always one thing that is true for all of them: they deserve to have someone in their corner rooting for them and letting them know that they can do anything that they set their minds to. I would like for my students to remember that their possibilities are endless as long as they believe it and follow through to achieve it. I wrote this poem in hopes that they will remember some of the lessons that my team has tried to instill in them, but more importantly as a reminder for our students to believe in themselves as much as we do. Hopefully, through the work we have done with them this year our students will always remember the 2016-17 City Years at The Edward H. White Military Academy of Leadership.

Never give up…

Things will get hard but,

Never give up,You are built for this!

You are more than “Ford Tough,”

How many times have I allowed you to say, “I can’t?…”

Never, so why start now?

You can do it,

Prove them all wrong,

You won’t let us down,

We’ve worked so hard,

Now look how much you’ve grown,

It’s almost June!

So soon we’ll be gone,

Never will I forget,

And I hope you won’t either,

All of the great times we’ve had,

Seeing our goals a little clearer,

This time is tough but you are tougher,

Next year may even be a little bit rougher,

But in order to succeed,

Sometimes you must suffer,

Hard times don’t last,

Strong people do,

And I’m so proud to have met,

Someone as strong as you.



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