Here at City Year Jacksonville, we offer different professional development opportunities for our AmeriCorps Members to help them throughout their service year and beyond.  Coordinator Roles serve as one of these, allowing AmeriCorps Members to take ownership over particular roles that include but are not limited to: Public Relations, Special Events Planning, etc. Today’s spotlight is on the Community Service Coordinator Role, in which an AmeriCorps Member is in charge of planning community service projects and opportunities throughout our service year.

During the month of November, the CSX Team at Northwestern Middle School’s Community Service Coordinator ,Jennifer Iglesias, contacted Saint Clair Evans Academy. Saint Clair Evans Academy is an Elementary School that feeds into Northwestern Middle School. Our contact Ms. Dew, Parent Engagement Specialist, allowed our team to read to the students at Saint Clair Evans, allowing us the opportunity to give back to the siblings of many of the students we currently serve.

When the team arrived to the school, we had the chance to learn more about the elementary school and their population within the Jacksonville area. After learning more about the student population, we then got to choose a book to read to the children (which ranged from Pre-Kindergarten to 1st Grade).  Many of the AmeriCorps Members selected books that we enjoyed to read when we were children. The volunteer event was such a huge success that the elementary school asked the team if we would be attending more reading sessions to the children at the school. 

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