For the month of November we focused on the City Year Value “Belief in the Power of Young People” We went around and asked some of our AmeriCorps members currently serving what this value means to them, and we were not disappointed in the responses.


“For me, the belief in the power of the young people comes from the belief that the generation that comes after us, will be in charge of the world. So, creating a strong generation filled with well rounded, caring, inclusive individuals will help shape the world.”

-Amber Hodges, Susie E. Tolbert Elementary School

“Believing in the power of young people mean’s recognizing even though they are younger and may not have the wealth of knowledge that older people have they still have so much to offer. Young people have such a unique perspective on everything and because they’re still developing we have the power to shape their perspectives.”

-Jenna Turner, Northwestern Middle School

“I think a part of it is seeing that it’s not just believing in the power of some chosen young people but all young people. A lot of our student’s due to the school’s they go to or the communities they live automatically get a bad rep sometimes and people may not expect much from them. Creating a universal idea that we should believe in each student is something that will challenge the label that has been placed on some of them.

-Andrew Kropp-Sullivan, Northwestern Middle School

“Belief in the power of young people to me is believing that their capable of whatever they set their mind to. Keeping in mind the communities that we serve I think it’s important for these kids especially to know that no matter where they are or circumstances they go through, shouldn’t deter them from the goals they set for themselves.”

-Ashanti Hardey, Highlands Middle School

“A lot of young people that we work believe they don’t have much say so in their lives. And a lot could be done if they verbalize themselves more. I believe, when they speak up they can let people know what it is they need or expect from us in the school so they can reach their full potential.”

-Shantoria Fields, George Washington Carver Elementary

“To me believing in the power of young people is knowing there’s so much room for them grow, and helping them with that.”

- Lakeena Abramas, Highlands Middle School

“By listening to the young people, we can see the potential in every single kid and they can see it for themselves too.”

- Kelsey Mckenna, Susie E. Tolbert Elementary 


Our organizational values drive our service and are a reminder that the work we do is important, necessary, and transformative.


Audriana Hairston
Marketing and Communications Intern
City Year Jacksonville

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