ByBrittany Viviano, AmeriCorps member serving on the Comcast NBCUniversal Team at Jean Ribault Middle School

As I reflect on the past two and a half months of service, I am incredibly thankful for my amazing team at Jean Ribault Middle School. Each AmeriCorps member brings something completely diverse, fun, and interesting to the table. They have all made me into the AmeriCorps member I am today and encourage me to grow everyday.

Jean Ribault Middle School Team posing with school banner at Opening Day

Katy Ward: I am thankful for the positivity and support that she gives her students and her teammates. Katy keeps everyone's spirits up.

Sarah Katz: Katz is an amazing leader. She pushes us to keep up with deadlines while creating quality work.

Ally Sloss: Ally is a great person and AmeriCorps member. Whenever anyone is upset Ally is there to help you create solutions to your problem.

Aurielle Coleman: Aurielle is a second year AmeriCorps member, and I'm extremely thankful to have her on my team. Not only because of her knowledge, but also because of her kind spirit and generosity. Aurielle is always there to help anyone who is in need.

Cassie Reissing: Cassie is so good at what she does. No matter what is happening that day, her students know she is there for them!

Taiquan Uzzel: I greatly appreciate Taiquans diverse opinions and great sense of humor! He can always make everyone crack a smile.

Chelsea Sanders: Chelsea may be shorter than most of our students, but she has a giant heart full of determination. You can always find her working on new lesson plans and ways to engage her students in learning!

Mark Fickle: Mark is amazing with the students, and you can tell he truly cares about them and their education. I appreciate his dedication to our students and his friendly constructive criticism.

Candice Childs: I appreciate Candice for always trying to create new ways to engage with students and help them learn. I also appreciate her always smiling and making jokes.

Lisa Owusu: Lisa is an amazing team leader, who is great at making sure everyone feels comfortable and safe to come to her with problems. She goes above and beyond for everyone.

Mike Fusco (TEAM DAD): I am thankful that Fusco is our Impact Manager. He takes care of everyone mentally and emotionally. He has built comfortable and safe environment for all of us at Jean Ribault Middle School. He is the biggest advocate for our team and all around awesome leader!

AmeriCorps members at a service day.


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