I'm ready to serve with CYLA!

You will be part of a national corps of nearly 3,000 young people across 27 U.S. cities & with 2 international affiliates providing high-impact student, classroom and school-wide support, to help students stay in school and on track to graduate.You are going to be serving 10 months as an AmeriCorps member with City Year Los Angeles at the largest site in the City Year network.

At City Year, you will make a difference in your students’ lives. You will also develop leadership skills and gain practical experience using them. There is a lot to learn and a lot to accomplish in the coming year, but the first step is to prepare for the incredible journey ahead!

This website is a launching pad into City Year: It will help you better understand what to expect and help you come fully prepared to make the most of it!  


How to Prepare for Service

We teamed up with currently serving AmeriCorps members to identify the areas of support you need most to feel prepared to serve with City Year Los Angeles. The pyramid below represents the stages of preparation we invite you to explore prior to starting your year of service.

The pyramid is organized by level of necessity, so we begin with "Housing and AmeriCorps Eligibility" at the base and work all the way up to "Motivation Check!" The colors of the pyramid are also reflected in the buttons to each page (above) so you can track your progress as you explore!

If you have questions about your service or coming prepared to start, reach out to Vivian Youssef, Regional Admissions Manager at vyoussef@cityyear.org.


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