Below is an excerpt from a recent interview with Kimberly Fortier, a 6th through 8th grade English and History teacher at Gompers Middle School.

Q. How does having a City Year mentor in a student’s life make a difference?
A. City Year provides a much-needed second set of eyes to see who the children really are, to hear their hearts, and to provide the support necessary to facilitate greatness in them.

Q. How does City Year create a positive school culture and climate?
A. By creating a belief in our students and, in many ways, a belief in our teachers. City Year AmeriCorps members act as exceptional role models, engaging and inspiring students to do their best.

Q. Describe a typical City Year member.
A. Powerful work ethic, enthusiastic, highly cultivated character & very professional. 

Q. In your own words, why is City Year’s work necessary?
A. City Year is VITAL in providing the multifaceted wraparound support that our teachers and students desperately need.

Q. What is your favorite part of City Year culture?
A. Power greetings! I love them! They provide stress release and reinvigoration for students to do their work with enthusiasm and focus.

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