Ms. Jo Carillo is the principal of John Liechty Middle School in Westlake Koreatown.

How does City Year help build a positive school culture and climate? City Year inspires others to do their best work… it inspires kids, it inspires teachers, and the adults who work on this campus. The fact that they work with kids before, during, and after school is, I think, what sets them apart from other organizations.

How does the City Year-John Liechty partnership benefit students? It’s ALL about students – there’s nothing about the partnership that doesn’t benefit students. The kids are at the core and heart of everything.

In your own words, why is City Year’s work important? “Because it’s the right work.”

What is your favorite piece of City Year culture? The ‘secret sauce.’ The secret sauce is the energy and enthusiasm and authenticity of the program. Whoever’s doing the recruiting is doing it right, because [City Year] is a special group of people doing very special work. The secret sauce, it’s not something you can get anywhere off the street. The ability to work with others in service – it’s beautiful.

If you could join us for power greeting, what dance move would you do? I would do a salsa move because City Year is all that and a bag of chips -- flaming hot! Sabrositos.

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