Sony has been a strong City Year partner since 2010. This year Sony expanded its support to include sponsoring a new Sony Storyteller of the Year award at City Year’s graduation. And the prize? A new Sony digital camera!  

Get to know award winner Chelsi Chastain as she reflects what storytelling means to her, and how’s she been using her new camera. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am a proud 2014 graduate of California State University San Bernardino with a degree in in Communication Studies and Public Relations.

I served with City Year Los Angeles in 2014-2015 because I believe that education is the door to adventure. I wanted to help students find their own adventure so that they may become lifelong learners. 

What kept you motivated throughout your service?

I had to learn that change doesn’t happen overnight. Whenever I was feeling tired, I spent time reflecting on the growth of the students around me. Every time I spent this time thinking, I realized each day the students I was mentoring were becoming more invested in learning and becoming the leaders they were always meant to be. 

Why was it important for you to document your year of service on social media? 

I believe it’s incredibly important to tell these stories and bear witness to our students’ experiences.

During my service year, I saw tangible growth and heard stories from my students of triumphant success over life's obstacles that I found truly remarkable. 

Also, I witnessed incredible investment from the surrounding community. I also believe that it completely solidified my passion for working with those who are underserved -- we need someone to stand up for these communities and their needs, and I want to be that person. 

How have you been using your new Sony camera?

I have used my beautiful Sony camera to document my transnational journey to my new home of Lawrence, Kansas. I was even able to capture proud photos from my City Year L.A. graduation. I love my new camera because it allows me to get shots of the little things in life that make big impact.

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