Written by Katy Amphlett, Team Leader serving at Dr. George Washington Carver Academy of Mathematics & Science

As a child, starting a new school year was always exciting: getting new school supplies, meeting my teacher, seeing who was in my class. But it was also nerve racking. What if I had a mean teacher? Or if none of my friends were in my class?

At Carver Academy, staff and City Year AmeriCorps members worked hard to kick off the year in a way that would help out scholars be more excited than nervous. Characters including Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Spongebob came to welcome Carver scholars while our City Year team cheered and high-fived students as they walked the red carpet into the school.  

All the excitement got our scholars and AmeriCorps members pumped up for the year to come. I am personally excited to see how culture and the sense of community continue to grow at Carver Academy, but I’m only one member of our City Year team.

Here is what each Carver City Year AmeriCorps member is most excited for this year:

“I am excited to see my students’ progress. It has only been two weeks but it will be great. I know I’ll need to invest a lot of work and time into our scholars, but I am ready for the ride.” -Ray

“I am most excited about seeing my team’s hard work and dedication to influence our scholars’ progress.”  -Kayla

“I am most excited to build relationships with my scholars.” -David

“I am most excited to see how my 6th grade class develops as a community and to see all the things they’ll do to help make Carver a great school!” -Megan

“I am most excited to change the way my scholars see themselves and their academics by showing them that they are capable of great things.” -Ally

“I am excited to see my students improve and to see the benefit in what City Year is here to do.” -Youhi

“I am excited to help my scholars excel in their schoolwork.” -Alex

“I am so excited to get started with the students who I’ll be working more closely with and put my training to work!” -Maggie

“I am most excited for the connections I will build with my scholars.” -Joe

“I am most excited to see scholars and corps members form lasting relationships and to see the positive impact we can have as a City Year Milwaukee site.” -Angela, Program Manager

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