Tell us a little bit about yourself. I have served multiple communities as a Banker for the past 14 years.  My family relocated to Milwaukee 3.5 years ago for my current role with BMO Harris.  My team helps to improve the financial lives of our mass affluent clients through financial planning.  We handle everything from credit card needs to planning for retirement through our licensed Premier Bankers and Financial Advisors. Outside of work I enjoy hanging out with friends and family.  I find great pleasure in traveling to new destinations, fishing, watching sports and attending concerts.   

Why is City Year Milwaukee important to you? I believe City Year plays an important role in closing the education gap in our community.  When I look at my own personal success, none of it happens without the educational opportunities I’ve been blessed with.  As recent as last year I completed a 3 year executive banking program that my employer supported me through.  Education is critically important for everyone’s growth!  Many of the kids we work with through City Year have not been blessed with the same opportunities.  City Year is working to fill the gap and help our city's children get to the next level. It’s that simple.  When our youth win, we all win.

What was your educational experience like? Did you have a mentor growing up? I attended public schools until I entered high school.  It was my high school experience at Saint Xavier in Cincinnati, Ohio that elevated me academically and molded me as a young man.  Servant leadership by being a ‘man for others’ was more than words when graduating high school.  I went on to Xavier University of Cincinnati, Ohio where I graduated in 4 years with a concentration in Finance.  It was my college experience that helped me to obtain leadership skills that have transferred to corporate America – public speaking, leading teams, working through conflict, leveraging differences, project management, exceeding sales targets, etc. Additionally, I’ve had many mentors throughout my life.  Growing up my grandfather provided guidance to me in the absence of my biological father.  In high school, I leaned on my aunt and uncle both of which played a significant role in raising me.  In college, I met Paul James who I would still consider a mentor today.  Paul was the Director of our Multi-Cultural Affairs office at Xavier University.  Throughout my career I’ve continued to identify mentors that not only provide advice but hold me accountable.

Favorite spot to eat (or drink) in Milwaukee: Clearly my bathroom scale will tell you I have way too many “favorites”!  I love Mason Street, Devon Seafood & Steak and Harbor House.  I feel like I can’t go wrong between those three restaurants.

Favorite Wisconsin sports team? Milwaukee Bucks…Rooting for them won’t get me banned from my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Share your favorite City Year Milwaukee experience (so far): My favorite City Year experience has been putting together the Associate Board with my co-chair Kristen.  It’s been fun to work with this diverse group of talented young professionals.  I’m so excited about where we will take City Year Milwaukee over the next few years.

When you think about the future of this city, what are your greatest concerns? What makes you most hopeful? It makes me cringe when I read articles that Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the U.S.  After living here for 3 years I can see a lot of potential in this city.  It will take all of us to do our part to improve this headline.  We need a progressive city that is very intentional about improving education, access to healthcare and the unemployment rate.  What makes me hopeful are partnerships like the Milwaukee Public schools and City Year.  We’re making progress and changing lives daily. 

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