Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am a CPA, currently working part-time on special, technical accounting projects for Quad/Graphics. Prior to that, I was with EY for almost 10 years as an auditor. These days, most of my free time is dedicated to my three sons, who are constantly keeping me and my husband on our toes. Outside of my family, I enjoy being active, traveling, skiing, reading, relaxing at a lake and socializing with my friends.

Why is City Year Milwaukee important to you? With a family history of educators, the importance of a strong education was engrained in me. My success today and in the future would not be possible without my amazing teachers, mentors and family support as I advanced through school and transitioned into the work force. Unfortunately, not every child is as lucky as I was to have such a strong support network. City Year Milwaukee is important to me, because they are trying to close the gaps in that critical support network and keep kids successful in school no matter what their background, keeping those kids on track to graduate and be successful later in life.

What was your educational experience like? Did you have a mentor growing up? I was consistently top of my class all through high school, and good grades came easy to me. However, I was labeled as the class “nerd,” didn’t have as many friends as the popular kids in high school and sometimes got teased for focusing too much on school work. Luckily, it was night and day difference once I was in college, where getting good grades, being smart and working hard were celebrated, and that mentality has continued throughout my working career.

While I had lots of mentors, my parents were probably my best and most important mentors. They pushed me to do my best no matter what. Now, I laugh at all of the “career” ideas I had, but throughout that process, my parents supported me, encouraged me and help guide me to where I am today. I once told my dad that all I wanted to do was sit in an office and do math problems all day. He cleverly suggested that I might look into finance as a real-world application of math, which eventually became my first major in college and ultimately what lead me into accounting.

Favorite spot to eat (or drink) in Milwaukee: Too many to choose from, but currently, my husband and I love a peaceful night away from the kids at Harbor House, enjoying not only the amazing food but the beautiful lake views.

Favorite Wisconsin sports team? Wisconsin Badgers!!!

Share your favorite City Year Milwaukee experience (so far): I am really enjoying the events we are putting together as an Associate Board with corps members, where we highlight a unique aspect of Milwaukee. We have brought them to Jazz in the Park and MAM After Dark. I am having fun getting to know some of the corps members at these events, learning about their diverse background and their experiences in the classroom. They are truly an amazing group of individuals, and I hope we can convince them to make Milwaukee their permanent home!

When you think about the future of this city, what are your greatest concerns? What makes you most hopeful? My greatest concern is continued racial segregation in Milwaukee and surrounding suburbs, and the resulting social and economic problems that continue to plague our city. However, I am hopeful that, through continued awareness and organizations, such as City Year and United Way, combined with an outstanding business community which is supportive of change and progress, that the future of Milwaukee looks bright.


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