Hopkins-Lloyd Community School is a community based school where many of our scholars live, and it lies in the 53206 zip code.

Around Milwaukee, 53206 gets a bad reputation because it's known as one of the poorest neighborhoods as well as an area with high rates of crime. However, the City Year AmeriCorps members who serve in 53206 see a different side. We think it's awesome that our students can go to a school so close to where they live, and there are so many positive things and places in the area.

In this area you can find a multitude of awesome restaurants. For example, Coffee Makes You Black is one of the most popular restaurants where they are known for their chicken and waffles. The restaurant itself is very cultural with portraits of famous Black people on the walls. The restaurant also serves as an important meeting place for different events and gatherings. It is a place where people can come together, eat, and hang out.

There are also different things for students to do. For example, there's a Boys and Girls Club right down the block from Hopkins-Lloyd Community School, so while many of our students come to our Community Learning Centers program, students may utilize the  to the Boys and Girls Club as well.

In addition, there is a very strong sense of community in our neighborhood. Some corps members even told me that sometimes people will wait with them at the bus stop to make sure they get on the bus safely. Regardless of the negative comments, news stories and thoughts on 53206, this is a community based on love, change, and family.  

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