Ebony Kirkendoll, Senior AmeriCorps Member, proudly serving as Team Leader at South Division High School 

Hopes: I am hoping to develop professionally and grow my network in Milwaukee. I am looking to use my opportunities here at City Year to really push myself in areas of growth as a leader and teammate. Another area that I am focusing on this year is growing closer to my hometown. I have started to do this by connecting City Year to the non-profit Heal the Hood and by volunteering in the MPS run back to school. I look forward to fostering a sense of pride in the work that we do within my team, as well as building a strong bond with my manager and team. I hope my leadership and ability to remove barriers allows my team to fall in love with Milwaukee students as I did during my corps year. 

Challenges: As I thought about this, my leadership commitment statement came to mind: In leading, I commit to not losing the human aspect of my work and being comfortable being misunderstood. The reason this came to mind is because it was formed based on what I knew would be most challenging. At times I can get so engulfed in ensuring that the actual work is getting done that I forget to stop and check to see how people are doing outside of their daily tasks. I can be stubborn in the way that I think and I struggle to understand why someone might think the way they do about a particular matter. 

Leadership Inspiration: There is no one person that I want to emulate in my leadership but there are aspects of those in leadership positions that I value. For example, my Impact Manager from my corps year, Paola D. Felix-Encarnacion. She always leads in an authentic way. She is able to find a way to stay true to herself while also adjusting to being an effective leader for everyone on our team. Additionally, my supervisor at UWM, Casey Calhoun, is someone I admire. She is probably the youngest person to hold her position in her office but her soft fierceness is something that I hope to be able to convey some day. The list could literally go on and on but those are two people who immediately jump to mind. 


Cullen Voss, Senior AmeriCorps Member, proudly serving as Team Leader on the David V. Uihlein Sr. Foundation Team at Rufus King International Middle School  

Hopes: I am really looking forward to building relationships with school staff and setting the tone for a strong year in a brand-new building. I hope to complete the year with the same team I started with. 

Challenges: A challenge for me would be allowing my team to fail and helping them learn from their failure 

Leadership Inspiration: I want to emulate my high school social studies teacher, Ms. Anderson.

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