Nate Hartwig, Senior AmeriCorps Member, proudly serving as Team Leader on the David & Julia Uihlein Charitable Foundation Team at Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts School 

Hopes: This year I would like to continue our integration at Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts School by improving our interventions, developing strong relationships with partner teachers, and strengthening the foundation for future corps members. Additionally, I'm really looking forward to our building relationships with our students! 

Challenges: Just like our students, corps members face challenges with external factors that affect their ability to serve in schools each day. I'm sure that these events will be a challenge for me and my team in this coming year and I hope to support them to the best of my ability! 

Leadership Inspiration: I want to emulate the leadership of my Anthropology professor Tom Williamson, who pushed me to do my absolute best while always offering support to get me there. He always expected the best from me, and wouldn't accept less. He pushed me to do things I didn't know were possible for me. 


Kenya O'Neill, Senior AmeriCorps Member, proudly serving as Team Leader on the M&I Foundation Team at Hopkins Lloyd Community School 

Hopes: I hope to succeed as a Team Leader which means a few different things for me. I hope that I can facilitate trust among my corps members and that I can provide all the necessary resources, tools, and support they need. I hope to play a role in the overall school climate and culture. I'm really hoping to see growth in our students this year at Hopkins. I'm really looking forward to leading my corps members in a way that ensures their personal success as well as student success.   

Challenges: As I lead my team, I think what will really challenge me is holding my corps members to high expectations and high standards while also taking their personal circumstances into account. Since I was recently a corps member just a few months ago, I understand how intense our service year can get, so I don't want to lose sight of that just because I'm a Team Leader now.  

Leadership Inspiration: This year I want to emulate the leadership styles of a few people I’ve worked with, including my impact manager Lenzy Crawford.

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