By Aaron Griffith, AmeriCorps Member, Serving at McDonough Elementary School

Winter was long. With some record breaking snowfall resulting in multiple snow days, (plus a small snowstorm in April!) this has been a long season. However, in working through all those cold days during the middle months of our service, we as corps members have been able to develop a rhythm with our classrooms, teachers, and students. We are getting the dosage. We are building those relationships. We are seeing progress in our students as learners and leaders.

Now, winter finally appears to be over. Most of the snow has melted, the sun shines longer each day, and it’s actually possible to sometimes wear shorts and a t-shirt outside. The warm weather and sights and scents of spring are reminding me of the beginning of the year and it’s interesting to reflect on how this year is now coming full circle. There are only two months left of service which means only two months left with our students, schools, and our corps. Strong relationships have been built and most of us have experienced much personal growth in working with a team and in leadership development. This has been an extraordinary year and soon it will come to a close. Therefore, how can we as corps members make the most of our last month of service?

I hope to continue giving it my all each and every day. As Leadership After City Year (LACY) plans begin to be set by many corps members including myself, it can sometimes be difficult to live in the here and now when you’re thinking about where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing in the months following City Year. But, I am challenging myself, and I challenge other AmeriCorps members, to be present for this final push. Dive deeper into those relationships with students and other corps members. Try some session plan you’ve been thinking about doing but haven’t managed to do thus far. Explore places in New Hampshire and New England you’ve never been. I don’t want to have regrets about things I wish I’d done or people I wish I’d connected with more after City Year. I’m hopeful, though. A month isn’t that long, but it’s still time for growth and exploration. Here’s to the final push!

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