written by Amanda Forget, City Year New Hampshire alumnus


On a national day devoted to giving back, I can't help but think of the memories I made sitting in my 5th grade classroom while watching a class of young elementary school kids turn in to middle schoolers. Having the opportunity to see my students succeed was great, but getting the chance to watch them mature and grow into people that would someday be adults was my favorite part. I remember hoping that something I did or said would shape how they view the world and the opportunities that life would give them.

I am proud to donate to City Year on Giving Tuesday because I can think about the class I was able to support, and my students who are now well into high school. I hope that my students can still hear me encouraging them and will one day see a City Year jacket and remember how I or another corps member helped them succeed, and maybe even think that they might want to have that same impact on someone one day. 

It wasn’t just the students who benefitted from City Year; I did too, and I owe it to all the corps members who served after me and to all their students. For me, Giving Tuesday isn't just a day to donate, but rather a day for me to think about all the students that benefit from the organization I was a part of. It's not just my students, but everyone's students, who hopefully have the same experiences I did.

Take a second to think about a student you've impacted and multiply that by the amount of corps members, and then by the amount of years since you've served. I want to know that that many students are going to get the same support I was able to give them in the future. That's how I am going to make better happen this Giving Tuesday. 

If you feel so inclined, please follow the link below to donate to City Year this Giving Tuesday. Remember those students whose lives you've touched, and those lives that touched yours. Give that same opportunity to someone in the years to come.


If you would like to support City Year New Hampshire, please click here.

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