City Year AmeriCorps members focus their in-class support and individual student support on grades 3-5 to have the most impact possible in their interventions. Check out the first in this three part series about what it is like serving in a third grade classroom.

The third grade AmeriCorps member team at Bakersville Elementary School worked together to share what their experience has been like serving in the third grade with City Year.


​"I couldn't imagine serving in any other grade! One of the things I love the most is being my students' first City Year member because third grade is the first time they have us in their classrooms and offering individual and small group support. I am their first impression! At that point in time, I am standing on my own shoulders and I am responsible for the start of their relationship with City Year.

I love the personal relationships I have built thus far, and I feel as if third graders are more willing to be my "friend" and let me in easier than maybe a fourth or fifth grader would. I feel as if my classroom of third graders is my peace and serenity and when nothing but chaos is going on around me, I have no problem closing the door to my classroom and focusing on them. Regardless of the grade I serve in, I knew these students would change my life. I am beyond grateful for my third graders every single day." Blair Chandler


"Serving in the third grade has reminded me of the joy of learning. Every day I walk into my classroom I feel like a kid again; because of my student's contagious imaginations and spirit, and because of the hands-on, project-based curriculum. We recently finished up a very interesting unit on space in our classroom. The students researched the sun and the planets and completed reports on the facts they found. While learning about constellations, we created our very own constellations and the stories behind them in a handmade planetarium in the classroom. We integrated all that we had learned in this science unit into our writing workshop, and published a book called “Adventures in Space.” Throughout this unit, and through this entire experience thus far, it has been incredibly rewarding to learn alongside my students and see my student's eyes light up with excitement and pride for their work. If I take anything away from this year of service in a third grade classroom, it would be to never lose the joy of learning.​" Shea Lonergan


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