Senator Judd Gregg and Mrs. Kathy Gregg are an incredible and influential couple who have been key to our overall success in the past 15 years. From supporting the founding of the site as it opened in Stratham in 2000, to accepting City Year’s Lifetime of Service Award in 2004, to casting votes in support of AmeriCorps expansion and funding, to helping to secure Department of Education funding to expand our work locally, Senator Judd Gregg and Mrs. Kathy Gregg are responsible for thousands of young adults getting the chance to serve their country, and along the way developing into more engaged citizens. It is through these many AmeriCorps members in service that hundreds of thousands of students’ lives have been bettered changed and saved. 

Senator Gregg has been a constant advocate for educational reform and civic responsibility in his roles as a Congressman, a Governor and a Senator. As a Senator, he co-authored the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 with the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Since stepping down from the Senate in 2010, he has served as Director of Intercontinental Exchange and CEO of Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association. 

Kathy Gregg comes from an education background, having earned a degree in Elementary Education, utilizing it in the classroom as a first grade teacher. She has served on a variety of community boards, including the John Hay Refuge, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Overseers, Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications, and the Ford Theatre’s Society.

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