On January 26th, at approximately 1pm, AmeriCorps Member were made aware of the following tweet: 

With the reality of an unexpected, DOE-sanctioned holiday upon them, AmeriCorps Members were almost at a loss as to how to spend their 24 unscheduled hours. However, once the shock of the announcement had passed, ACMs took self care into their own hands. These are their stories of #blizzardof2015:  

Jacq Schoninger, an AmeriCorps Member at Isaac Newton Middle School, takes a moment to build a Juno snowman! Looks like someone is a little jealous of her masterpiece...


For Kimberly Huynh, and AmeriCorps Member at PS/MS 206, a snow day means listening to Sam Smith, reading Crime and Punishment, drinking lattes, and planning next-steps for her focus ela/math students. 


Drew Van Vleck, an AmeriCorps member at IS 123, gets some much needed R&R with her main girl Amy Poehler.


Elizabeth Peterson, a Service Leader on the New York Civic Engagement Team, braves an afternoon stroll in her beloved Timberland boots.


Spencer Sansom, an AmeriCorps Member at MS 302, breaks out two screens for a day of Minecraft.


Lisa Killingsworth, a Second Year AmeriCorps Member at Isaac Newton Middle School, doesn't let the inclimate weather deter her from making the trek to Starbucks. Looks like the baristas know the drill! 


Alisa Dwyer, the Events and Alumni Outreach Project Leader, winds down her day indoors with a little yoga flow.


Katie Searing, a Second Year AmeriCorps Member at PS 75, managed to find a bakery open on the Upper West Side! 


Meira Keil, a Team Leader at IS 204, does self care right with an at-home manicure.


Amanda Dachille, a Program Manager at the Bronx Early College Academy, takes her snow day very seriously as exemplified with this photo of homemade chicken noodle soup. 



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