Recent News: Opening Day: Celebrating the 25th Corps

By Jonaszen Yao, Communications Coordinator

On the bright Saturday morning of September 21, City Year Boston held its Opening Day celebration to usher in its 25th corps. At the James W. Hennigan Elementary School, 265 young men and women clad in newly-earned red jackets stood in front of a sea of esteemed guests-families, friends, community partners, and City Year alumni to take the City Year pledge. 

Success in Schools: The Four C’s of Attendance

By Cynthia Brunelle, Attendance and Behavior Initiatives Coordinator

Absenteeism is a serious issue; students who miss even one day of school miss eight or more hours of instruction and social interaction. Upon returning to school, they struggle to catch up with classwork, to reconnect with peers, and to feel engaged in school culture. Schools across Boston, with the help of City Year and other partners, work with families to navigate internal and external challenges and get students to school on time. 

Words from the Community:

“America is America because of those who answered the call to serve. [...] Service is not a Republican issue or a Democratic issue. It is an American value.”
- Victoria Reggie Kennedy, 25th Anniversary Brunch

CYB in the News:

Long-Time City Year Supporter, Bain Capital, To Serve As Organization's National 25th Anniversary Sponsor The Providence Journal

MBTA safety video urges riders to 'Safety Bounce'  The Boston Globe

Corps Member Spotlight: Claudia Pak

By Claudia Pak, corps member serving on the MFS Investment Management Team at the Dever-McCormack Upper School 

My name is Claudia Pak and I proudly serve on the MFS Investment Management team at the Dever-McCormack Upper School in Dorchester. I'm 24 years old and I'm originally from Marina, California. I serve because of my past. I was provided with resources throughout my school years. The help I received ranged from college students coming to my middle school to hold workshops to being a participant in outreach programs during high school. My schools were recognized as low performing, and as a low-income and first generation college student, I was presented with unique opportunities. In college I learned about social justice, and I serve because I believe that there are still many injustices, one being educational inequality. I serve for the future; the children will be our future and need a strong foundation. I believe these students deserve opportunities, resources and a great education. I serve for the present, utilizing my past experiences to help the future, which lies in the hands of our present day students.