Dear City Year Community,

As you know, it has been a week like no other in Boston.

After Monday's horrific violence and Friday's extraordinary, successful manhunt, the sense of relief is palpable.

The joy of the resolution of the crisis is of course tempered by the deep pain from the loss of the four lives cut short by Monday's bombings and Thursday's shooting, as well as the unfolding stories of the loss of limbs and other severe physical and psychological trauma of those in harm's way on Monday.

For the speed and success of the investigation,  and for ending the great threat to public safety, we all feel such a tremendous sense of gratitude to the Boston and other local state police, the FBI, Massachusetts authorities, and the leadership of Mayor Menino, Governor Patrick and President Obama. 

Boston's medical community has done extraordinary work in helping victims survive and thrive, and we remain so grateful to the first responders and other citizens who gave of themselves so quickly and fully.

I also know that those of us who are from Boston feel, and deeply appreciate, the concern and support from the nation, and indeed, the world. Small gestures, like the Yankees playing the Red Sox favorite, "Sweet Caroline," were heartening, and most importantly, the outpouring of support for the victims has been tremendously inspiring.

City Year was honored to be asked for our headquarters to serve as the City's counseling resource center this week, and for corps members to serve as ushers at the interfaith service attended by President Obama, who personally thanked the City Year AmeriCorps members. The corps members felt, as we all did, that it was a privilege to be part of this important and deeply emotional and healing service.

Tomorrow, as students and faculty return from April school vacation, City Year Boston AmeriCorps members will be serving at the Neighborhood House Charter School, trying to help to provide a measure of comfort to a school community mourning the loss of eight year old Martin Richard and concerned for the injuries to Martin's sister and mother, the school's librarian. I know as they enter the school building tomorrow they bring the best wishes of our entire national and international City Year AmeriCorps community with them.

I am a lifelong Bostonian who loves my city, especially on Patriots Day. I treasure the memories of my youth attending the annual 11 a.m. Red Sox game with my dad and then walking out to Kenmore Square to watch, with exhilaration, the Marathon runners run the last few blocks. Patriots Day will in many ways never be the same -- as we will recall with sadness the loss and pain of this week's events.

But Patriots Day will also now and forever be amplified and lifted in our hearts and spirits as an annual reminder of our tremendous civic resolve, our love of community and country, and our resilience -- all of which is the complete opposite of terror. True to its name, it will forever be an even more powerful Patriots Day.

To make a contribution to help support the victims and families of the Marathon bombing, please visit,

Please join with the community of Boston for the city's moment of silence at 2:50 pm tomorrow to honor the victims of the bombings and their families.

As our beloved city of Boston continues to rally,   may those hurt and grieving gain strength every day, and may all of us continue, in the words of Robert F. Kennedy, "to send forth tiny ripples of hope" through service, kindness and civic acts of unity and resolve.

Yours in service,


CEO, City Year