This week City Year Providence welcomed our Senior Corps Members as they begin their year of service! Drine Paul, Justin Roias and Matthew Spellman are joining us again after serving a year in Providence. Jaretta Konneh is returning after serving a year with City Year Boston.

City Year Providence (CYPVD): What are you looking forward to most this year?

Matt Spellman (MS): I am looking forward to leading and learning from my service team this year! I feel like I have a lot to share with my team but I also can't wait to learn and grow with them as we progress throughout the year.

Drine Paul (DP): I look forward to meeting and working with the new corps members! I can't wait to be a resource to helping them have a successful and fulfilling year of service!

Justin Roias (JR): I am looking forward to the growth I'll experience as a Team Leader, but more importantly I look forward to guiding my corps members through a challenging year.


CYPVD: How are you preparing for the new school year?

DP: I am preparing for next year by reflecting on my experience as a Corps member and focusing on what went well and where some things could have gone better. I'm looking for things that I want to incorporate into my school for my team, as well as adding my creative touches to make this experience unique and successful for the new people I will be working with.

JR: Right now I'm reading 'Teach like a Champion,' which offers effective teaching techniques that I can pass down to my corps members for the upcoming school year.


CYPVD: What is your favorite memory of service last year?

MS: My favorite memory is the formation of the Comic Book Carnage Afterzone Program at Roger Williams Middle School. My two teammates and I were huge comic book fans and we were able to create a space where students could talk about and enjoy comics just as much as we did!

DP: My favorite memory was during Teacher Appreciation week, helping my students express their gratitude to both of my partner teachers! My teachers need to hear that the good work they were doing was indeed making a difference in our students' lives!


CYPVD: What are you looking forward to most at Summer Academy?

MS: I'm looking forward to being part of the PT Crew!

DP: I look forward to connecting with people across the network, seeing old friends and making new ones!


CYPVD: Why do you serve?

DP: Having a Corps Member in the classroom and in the school, makes a major difference to the growth and success of students! Being a Team Leader this year, I get to help young people discover the power that lives within to make life changing impact on the students they work with!

JR: City Year plays a huge role in educational equity. We know that many of the students we serve are living in poverty, and because of that mere fact, they are facing a closing window of opportunity. But I truly believe that City Year is helping our Providence youth pry open that window of opportunity!


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