When nearing graduation from the University of the Pacific with a political science degree, Ruben Moody had many career options. However, with the influence and inspiration of his Omega Delta Phi fraternity brothers, rather than pursuing job opportunities Ruben chose to give a year of service back to his hometown, Sacramento, through City Year. ODPhi’s recent partnership with City Year showed Ruben how the organization would enable him to make an effective impact in his community.

Ruben is a source of energy and positivity on his team at Father Keith B. Kenny K-8 School (KBK) in the Oak Park community. His recent experience as a brother in a diverse, positive, proactive fraternity prepared him for the demands of community service. Being in the fraternity helped Ruben find ways to highlight the strengths of his City Year teammates, as well has reflect with them to better their service together. “We all have different types of degrees and majors and all come from different backgrounds, but that just makes amazing things happen,” he said. “We respect each other a lot and work as a cohesive unit. This constant support makes it easier to support our students and their needs.”

By applying the ideals and values taught by his fraternity, Ruben seeks to be a positive light for his students. He focuses on building strong bonds with them, the staff, and his teammates. “Ruben is incredibly consistent in being a source of upbeat positivity on our team,” remarked KBK Program Manager Ted Reiterman. “He truly exemplifies the ‘Can-Do Attitude' that we talk about and value at City Year.”

Ruben’s decision to commit a year of his life to service was deeply inspired by his parents, who he said always found time to be heavily involved with improving their neighborhood and schools, even though they worked full time. “Giving back to others was a value that was instilled in me as a child by my family, primarily my parents,” he said. “They found time to coach sports, be involved in our neighborhood association, prepare meals for students who would have likely otherwise gone hungry, and advocate for a quality education for all children, regardless of their zip code or their school's API.”

Ruben also is deeply committed to his hometown. “Leaving a long-lasting, positive impact on Sacramento is a task that I take extremely seriously,” he said. “I chose City Year because it allows me to work directly with children who are from a similar neighborhood. I want to be that male figure of color that can empower, inspire and motivate young children in the communities we serve.”

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