Beatrice Woods is a graduate of the University of the Pacific, Class of 2014, where she studied speech-language and pathology. Beatrice Woods is currently an AmeriCorps member working with elementary school students at Rosa Parks K-8 School, located in Sacramento’s Meadowview community.  This month, she will represent the Sacramento site at City Year’s National Leadership Summit in Washington DC. Next year, Bea will serve with AmeriCorps again as a City Year Sacramento Team Leader.

Why are you doing a year of service? 

I am doing a year of service because I believe that every child deserves a quality education, and I wanted to enhance that experience any way that I could. I heard about City Year from a friend and discovered that City Year's values aligned with my own. From there, it was an easy decision to apply. 

Why did you apply to  serve at the Sacramento site? 

I wanted to serve in an area close to home. I'm from Davis, and City Year Sacramento provides me with the amazing chance to give back to my community. I am grateful for the impact City Year allows me to make here. 

What keeps you energized to work with your students? 

My students keep me energized. When I'm having a stressful or tiring day, nothing makes me feel happier than going out to play basketball with a group of sixth graders, or sitting down with a group of first grade girls who ask to braid my hair. My students give me constant reminders of why the work we do is meaningful, and nothing matters more than my students’ small victories or joys.
What are you interested in doing after City Year? 

I am coming back to serve another year as a Team Leader, and then I plan to pursue a teaching credential. I'm hoping to attend California State University Sacramento and receive a multiple subject credential. I plan to teach in an urban school setting. 

How will City Year help you in your long term path? 

City Year has already given me a leg up in my planned career path. The real-world experience that I'm gaining in the education field will serve me well when I apply to credential programs, and when I actually step out and teach. I learned from many mistakes I made this year, so I won't have to make the same mistakes again as a first year teacher!

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