More than 80 attendees from the 2014 Asian Chamber of Commerce Internal Study Mission visited Sacramento Charter High School on October 24 to learn about the launch of a historic collaboration between City Year Sacramento, Teach for America Sacramento and College Track. The learning session focused on opportunities that exist through creative partnership.

This year marks the first time in our country that all three national organizations are working together in a school. A panel comprising leadership from each organization and moderated by City Year Executive Director Jake Mossawir discussed the group’s efforts to coordinate services and programs to best support students at Sacramento Charter High School. While the group is providing various levels of assistance to all students in this pilot year, their collaborative efforts are focused on ninth-grade students. The group has developed collective goals around ninth-grade student retention and academic performance, with the intent to demonstrate that student needs can be more effectively addressed through teamwork.

The local partnership between City Year, Teach for America and College Track was sparked when leadership realized they share the common goal of finding more effective ways to serve students. While many organizations typically compete for funding and community awareness, the group believes that their partnership will have a greater impact on student success and will improve the operations and success of their own programs – all without losing sight of their individual goals and services.

The panel also shared how their organizations positively impact our region’s workforce pipeline. Over the last three years, City Year, Teach for American and College Track collectively have recruited nearly 350 young people both locally and from across the country to serve in the Sacramento region. After identifying the need to retain these young people in our region to meet future workforce demands, the group has sought out joint professional development and training options, as well streamlined opportunities for AmeriCorps members and staff to work for any of the three organizations after their original terms of service.

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