Dear Friends and Supporters,

As 2016 shortly comes to an end and a New Year is upon us, I am reminded of the amazing work our City Year Sacramento AmeriCorps members are doing to impact our communities, our schools, and most importantly in shaping our students’ lives. 

Our 66 City Year AmeriCorps members chose to come to Sacramento to serve full time (10-12 hours a day) for a year.   This incredibly talented and diverse group of young adults are grounded with an unshakeable belief that we can all help make the world a better place! This belief drives our City Year AmeriCorps members to serve day in and day out, positively impacting over 4,000 students by serving as near peer role models and ambassadors of change.  They are helping to keep students on track to graduate.

Along with serving our students, our City Year Sacramento AmeriCorps members utilize their year of service as a training ground – for thoughtful, active and effective leadership.  City Year creates the next generation of social entrepreneurs, immersing our AmeriCorps members in hands on civic engagement, skill building and leadership action.

City Year directly answer’s the call to action that Bill Drayton lays out in his 2010 Harvard Business Review Article: “We need to teach our youth that they can help people; that they can lead; that they can make lasting and important change in their communities and across the globe. Society, employers, educators, and parents need to recognize that our kids’ successful personal and social development must start with a mastery of several complex skills —empathy, teamwork, leadership, and change making.”

Thank you for being with us every step of the way and for helping to #makebetterhappen!

Wishing you an amazing holiday and looking forward to an incredible New Year!

Jeff Owen, Executive Director

City Year Sacramento


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