“Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice – he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.” – Robert F. Kennedy

We created the annual Ripples of Hope Award to recognize local leaders who send ripples of hope into the San Antonio community. Each year, we embrace Robert F. Kennedy’s vision and search for candidates who go beyond their standard job description. We look for those who strive to improve the lives of others through compassionate acts, embrace values of integrity and justice at the core of City Year’s identity, and give fully of themselves without seeking recognition.

On March 31, we hosted the Ripples of Hope Gala, where we were honored Kenny Wilson, Bank of America San Antonio President, for his courageous waves of change in the community.

Kenny has spent decades investing in the San Antonio community in an effort to enrich the lives of students and youth throughout the city. He embodies the upmost morals Kennedy praised—demonstrating honesty, selflessness, responsibility and compassion for humankind beyond his role as Bank of America president. He has supported education, the environment and worked to address basic human needs as Chairman for the Development Board of the University of Texas at SA, and through his role in Mission Verde and Bank of America’s Neighborhood Builders program, among countless other activities and board memberships. Yet not once has he ever expected credit for his unwavering generosity and compassion. 

So at the end of last month, we raised our glasses to this City Year hero and thanked him for his persevering belief in our community – and for creating a current of change in San Antonio.

Dozens of local philanthropists and City Year volunteers and staff united to celebrate Kenny and his significant contribution. Henry Cisneros, Chairman of CityView and former Mayor of San Antonio, summarized our gratitude best: “Thank you for setting an example, thank you for your temperament and personality, for your values, your faith-based self-sacrifice. Thank you for being Kenny Wilson.”

Kenny, your inspirational work has motivated and reminded us that our combined efforts can have a dramatic impact on the lives in our community.

We are proud to recognize your continued efforts. Thank you for your service.

Click HERE for more pictures from the evening!

A Special Thanks to our National Gala Sponsor 

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