Written By Claudia Floriano, AmeriCorps Member serving on the Bank of America Team at Aptitud Community Academy at Goss Elementary 

There is nothing more touching and inspiring than receiving a Yellow Jacket on Opening Day; ninety-four hopeful AmeriCorps Members were part of a very symbolic ceremony this past Friday. City Year Opening Day for the San Jose AmeriCorps Members was an event that will forever bring us great memories of the special day that it was. I was mesmerized by the motivational speakers that shared powerful words and stories with us that day. It was very humbling to know that very important people such as Dr. Emmet Carson and Dr. HIlaria Bauer, amongst others, are thankful for the service we do as AmeriCorps Members. The “Why I Serve Statements” that were presented by my fellow AmeriCorps Members were a reminder that we are all here for different reasons, but in the end we are serving to reach the same outcome. I am very proud to say that I work with a very inspiring group of individuals. As the event came to an end, we began to give our jacket dedications. It is a moment that I will always cherish; knowing what AmeriCorps Members dedicated their symbolic Yellow Jacket to was a very heartwarming moment. Opening Day was a wonderful event; it is when we earned the Yellow Jacket we had all worked hard for. City Year’s Yellow Jacket is a symbol of our service; it also symbolizes the difference we will make in the lives of the children we currently serve.

Emmett D. Carson, CEO of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

94 City Year San Jose Americorps Members pledge this year to City Year service 

Americorps Members Sharmaine Webb and David Smith with Superintendent Dr. Hilaria Bauer and Executive Director Toni S. Burke 

View more photos from the event here

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